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We make people happy through technology. Innovation, technology and experience to boost your success in the digital world.

nScreen Expertise

Our offers

Our business is to help companies obtain the best results when using the cloud and also transform ideas into digital solutions.


Assessment Cloud

Cloud architectural analysis detecting, mapping and resolving risks and threats to your business.


Concept proof

Validate the viability of a solution before investing time and resources in its full implementation.


Propositional Support

Experienced architects taking care of your business and available when you need them.


Smart Squads

Highly qualified and specialized teams structured in an intelligent way.


Cloud Projects

Its solutions developed and executed in the Cloud, increasing flexibility and efficiency.



Find the ideal talent to drive your technology success.

nScreen Expertise

We are an Advanced AWS partner

We are an official AWS Advanced partner, certified and trained to bring value to our client's business through the personalized application of cutting-edge services and technologies available in the cloud.


From customer to customer

Testimonials from those who have already tried and approved our services

About Smart Squads

I am really very happy with the result of the project and the commitment of the development team. It was a very rewarding experience working with you, because in all deliveries the team dedicated a lot and the project flowed incredibly.

Proximity and transparency were key factors for success and from then on, the delivery of the project was incredibly validated. I'm really happy with the result and hope to work with the team again in the future.

Francisco Ângelo - IT Manager at Grupo Cataratas

Mulher com fone de ouvido em um fundo laranja
Ícone Sustentação

In practice


Unifying data and expanding Rádio Itatiaia’s audience

Transforming the complexity of data analysis into a dynamic and simplified experience with the Itadados solution.


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A successful career

Be part of the team

We believe that nScreen exists to contribute not only to the digital transformation of our clients, but also to the professional transformation of each of the employees who join our team.

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